In 1983, amid a generation of boomers and innovators remembered for things like laser disk video games and inventing the Chicken Nugget, I was born.

Flash forward to present day: I'm a people-lover and self-proclaimed technologist looking to deliver great products (and maybe even change the world).

Near Restaurant

Baldwin Park Pizza Co.

Earth Explorers Team Project

Dish with Cannish

Mock Kickstarter Campaign

Simpsons Historical App

Mixed Media

Coming soon!

Coming soon!


The Man, the Myth

With over 20 years experience, I combine my creativity, people skills, and love of tech to drive results. Check it out for yourself.


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I tend to get myself in trouble traveling the world and eating spicy new foods. To follow along on my epic-ness, check me out on Instagram.


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I hear the kids are using email these days... Drop me a line at, or click below to reach me for projects or life advice.